DAY #142

WHO The Ghan

WHERE Alice Springs Railway Station

WHEN 2:17pm, 21 July 2011

HOW 11mm | 1/400 | f/8


The Ghan finally at Alice Springs after 25-whole-hours tumbling through central australian plains and deserts, over more than 1,500km of tracks from Adelaide. The train had about 27 carriages, growing more than half a kilometre long and was easily both the longest train and train ride I have ever been on.


Alice Springs was much more established than I thought, its town centre seen here from ANZAC Hill with the Heavitree Gap in the distance: a majestic, naturally-occuring gap in the MacDonnell ranges where my train travelled through earlier. Reminiscent of a gate within city walls, the gap links Alice Springs with civilisation south of the bustling town.

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